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Glassware for Rustic Barsglassware for Tiki BarsBar Stools @
$125.00 each.

Our Bar Stools match our Rustic Bars, either Mountain, Executive or Tiki.

Wooden Bar Stool

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The wooden Bar Stool on which you've chosen to seat yourself is perfectly shaped for the most forgotten part of your anatomy. Your feet automatically find the horizontal bar at the bottom of the Bar Stool as though it was placed there specifically for your size, shape and length.

It's time to relax and unwind after a hard day at the 'office', wherever that 'office' might be. The Bar Stool under you is solid, whether you place one or both feet on the bar stool foot rest.

2 Wooden Bar Stools

Our bar stools can be placed almost anywhere. Sit on a bar stool first thing in the morning while enjoying a hot cup of rejuvenation and watching the sun say 'Good Morning', or, watch it kiss the earth 'Good Night', while you hold a glass of bubbly and accept your well deserved rest, all while seated on a bar stool.

The Bar Stool legs are made from landscape timbers cut into angles so that the wood joins under the seat of the Bar Stool, providing not only welcome, but also solid support.

Our Bar Stools, with their comfortable invitation to rest and relax, will allow visitors to linger a little longer.

You can't only have one bar stool

  You can't only have one bar stool!

All our hand-made, wooden Bar Stools are reliable, sturdy and made from real wood that doesn't fade in the sun or fall apart in the rain. Meeting strict standards our bar stools perfectly match both our Executive Bars and Mountain Bars and are therefore a complimentary addition to your purchase of either bar. Spread the Bar Stools around the Mountain Bar or line them up in front of the Executive Bar so you can enjoy the companionship, friendship and neighborliness of chatter as people gather to talk and make friends or renew friendships.

The Bar Stools are compact, yet,  because the seat is smaller than the footprint, they cannot be placed too close together. Automatically this allows for space between people, giving each the necessary separateness for polite enjoyment of strangers, without keeping friends and family at a distance.

One thing is for sure, wood will remain a firm favorite of both furniture makers and buyers everywhere. Inexpensive, good-looking, durable, long lasting and in both contemporary and traditional styles the wooden bar stool makes the perfect addition to your home, commercial bar, juice bar or breakfast nook. These hard-wearing bar stools are great because they are robust, durable and reasonably priced!

Wooden Bar Stools at Octagonal Rustic BarBar Stool Specs:
  • Made in USA

  • Landscape Timbers Construction

  • Finished

  • Fully Assembled

  • Available only in a 29" Seat Height

  • Size: 29" high with a footprint of 18" x 18"

  • Our unique square seat with cutoff corners is especially comfortable for both home and commercial applications.

  • Seat is 11/2" thick and 111/2" x 111/2" pressure treated pine.

Shipping is at Purchaser's cost. As a cost-saver, we will deliver the bar stools to the purchaser's trucking / freight depot in the Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville area.

Pick it up and put it down. That's all the installation instructions you need for a bar stool.

We prefer PayPal - simply because it is convenient and quick. Credit Cards are also acceptable via PayPal or telephone. Checks need to clear before pick-up or delivery (around 10 days). Plus, we have Alert Pay and eGold accounts. Please send email or call for payment instructions. Cash is acceptable and will speed up the process only insofar as not having to wait for a bank to clear your check. All payments must be made in advance, in full, before your item enters the construction zone.

Pickup or Delivery:
Once your ordered item has been built, your check has cleared and your item is ready for pickup or delivery, we will email you at the given email address. Generally we expect you to fulfill your end of the contract and pick up your order or arrange for delivery within 10 (ten) days after you have been notified that it is ready.


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