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Custom Products are Customer Specific

Because we are all different, we often have different needs. Business is not dissimilar to life and this page proves it. Here are some of the custom products we've built. Some only have diagrams as they were built before the photographer could capture them. Others are ideas from our own in-house designer.

Maybe from this selection you can mix and match to find a perfect solution to your needs.

Please remember that although each item has a name or label, it does not mean that is its only use or purpose. What to one person is simply an enclosure, to another might mean a dollhouse, well covering, supply depot, garden shed, outside bathroom, change rooms and/or tool shed. I'm sure that once your imagination is employed, you can find other uses for a simple enclosure.

Other ideas are an Outdoor Bathroom at a campgrounds, .

The Rectangular (4-sided) Long Executive Bar

Our Executive Bar, so named, because it is the usual, the norm, in that it is almost traditional. A rectangular section of counter over a half-wall height section or bar, behind which are stored the delectable liquids that only adults frequent, while on the other side are the adults who enjoy the sweetness, bitterness, or bitter-sweet juices that are sipped for savoring pleasure to prolong the enjoyment for the taste buds.

It can also be a Juice Bar where fruits are blended into concoctions that replace a regular meal, or a Breakfast Bar where croissants, cereal, milk, coffee or tea, and doughnuts are displayed on the counter top.

How about a Raw Bar where those gather who enjoy shucking raw shellfish? Here you can enjoy your oysters and quahogs in private, away from those who might not appreciate the pleasure and in the company of those who do.

With the addition of a sink and running water, we can convert the Executive Bar into a Wet Bar. It already has a collapsible shelf for your blender. The only other addition might be a refrigerator and these are generally small enough to fit under the counter or at the side of the bar. We'll even build it in if you prefer.

This simple rectangular Bar can also be used as a Towel Bar. Once placed beside a (hotel) pool, patrons / visitors can choose their fluffy absorbing material by color, size or shape. Whoever does the housekeeping, whether employee or parent, can keep it stocked, even locked up if closet doors are required (a simple addition). They might even wish to add other bathroom toiletries on another shelf, say above their heads where little hands cannot reach - items that might include after-shave lotion, deodorants, soaps, hand lotion, shampoo, or other paraphernalia that require but only a small space.

Other ideas are a Desk for admitting guests before placing them in cabins or rooms, a central Reception for handing out writing supplies at a writer's convention, a Collection Depot for colored pencils, crayons and art paper at an Elementary School, a Stage for hand puppets complete with directional overhead lights.

The Octagonal (8-sided) Round Mountain Bar

The Mountain Bar is also versatile, in that it can be used for all the above mentioned Bars, ideas and places. The only difference here is that it is more round, 8-sided to be exact, and it stands alone rather than in a corner or against a wall. It's perfect for the outdoors where the Thatch roof gives it a cozy atmosphere for romantic interludes maybe, or a place for private conversations and confidence exchanges.

It can also be completely enclosed with a door that swings up and away to allow entry.

With a smaller roof, a smaller diameter is what I mean, the cozy / private ambiance is gifted with light and air and it becomes a more open Bar, inviting all and sundry to share in the spoils. This type of Open Air Bar is perfect for a pool party where wet swimmers can adorn the bar stools and replenish their liquids, or snack at the bar while chatting.

If you plan to place this bar indoors, then the roof becomes redundant. You can either do without the Thatch Roof and allow the bar frame to reach the ceiling, or you can place a shorter roof, maybe a Tiki roof (which is perfect for indoors). Maybe you could consider a shorter pitch (angle), again inviting either the cozy or open air appeal.


It has been called Imitation Bamboo, Synthetic Bamboo and/or Artificial Bamboo.

It has been named all these and probably more. It's the ideal imitation of live bamboo stalks that take the place of the real bamboo where live stalks will either wilt, die, wither or get brittle, soggy or mildewed.

It's for show only and it shows extremely well. Whether indoors or out, Imitation Bamboo (Bamfaux) is perfect for setting themes, ambiance, moods and atmosphere. Its only downfalls are that it does not bear loads or cope well with harsh rubbing.

We make the Bamboo stalks, nothing else. The rest is only to inspire your imagination and show you the possible uses for our Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo).

It can transform a dull reception area into a show place. Carefully placed and cut to design, it can be a masterpiece of art. When foliage adorns it, it transforms into plants that never need nourishment, water, music or even talking to.Judeline Meintjes, Basic Author

Bamfaux can be split down the middle giving you two halves, or arcs, that can cover almost anything whether it's walls or tops. It can be placed beside itself to form a unilateral line of cupped stalks for fencing, bar frames, wallpaper, roof tiles or an ornamental wall.

Bamfaux Ideas!


Bar Frame

Curtain Rod

Decorative Fencing

Door Frame


Fencing Uprights

Flower Bed Marker


Imitation Plant Stalk

Load-Bearing Beam Cover

Ornamental Wall

Picture Frame

Plant Stalk

Roof Tiles

Tiki Torch Holder

Tiki Upright

Towel Rack

Umbrella Upright Cover


Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo)  water downspout
Click for enlarged view.


Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo) water downspout
Click for enlarged view.


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