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Executive Bar $2850.00
1 Demo bar left - will sell for $1,995.00
All Bars come with 4 Bar Stools.

Authentic, rustic and wooden, this sturdy Executive bar will say to the world that this Executive is going places.

Landscape Timbers, usually at home outdoors, forbidding the grass from entering the flower beds, are now cut and shaped, and handmade into rustic bars. These authentic, wooden, bars areSwank Swerve Martini Glasses. shaped to please an Executive and his circle of friends and family. Sliced wooden timbers are placed beside each other to form the sides and front of the bar. A rustic feel is derived from the smooth wooden counter top. Everything in the bar is hand-made, and shaped to please the eye.

The server at the bar finds all the necessary paraphernalia, including the wooden, stem glass, holders that hang above the bar top at your fingertips plus the wooden, bottle racks are within easy reach as you pour drinks and concoct fabulous flavors for your guests. All your guests, friends and family congregate at the bar because it attracts them to enjoy the ambiance created by that rustic-feeling, hand-made appeal, timeless elegance of thatch reed above your head and real wood under your bottom while you re-acquaint yourself with the lost pleasure of enjoying the pleasant outdoors.

The subdued lighting come from the rope lights, a GFI switch for brings electricity closer, directional lights highlight your favorite bottle of drinking pleasure - taken altogether this authentic outdoor bar is a must for all Executives giving them/you a break from the usual ladder climbing to success during the day and allow them/you to enjoy the outdoors and your circle of friends around a bar that easily becomes a conversation magnet.

The triangular roof of the Executive bar is tiled and, if matching tiles are available, will complement the house roof. Around the pool, it gives shade and a place to gather without worry about dripping bathing suits. If on a balcony or deck, the executive bar attracts the family for morning breakfast or the guests for entertainment and conversation.

This sturdy piece of furniture, authentically rustic and hand made, can be custom made to the discerning executive who wants a similar bar with a few changes. Alterations will cost extra but it might just be worth it to complement an executive's lifestyle.

Size:"Cold Beer" Neon Sign for your Tiki Bar.
The Executive Bar has a footprint of 5' (60") long x 2.2' (26") deep. Bar top is 6' (72") long x 3' (36") deep x 1.3' (16") wide.  The bar's roof is 7.6' (92") long x 5.25' (63") wide x 9' (108") high. Weight of the completed Executive Bar is approximately 850 pounds.

Shipping is at Purchaser's cost. FREE delivery will be made in the Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville area, within 100 miles from Palatka which lies almost half-way between Gainesville and Jacksonville. As a cost-saver for out of state buyers, we will deliver your bar to your trucking / freight depot in the Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville area.

Because the bar is fitted with rope lights and a GFI outlet with a 6' (72") cord, electricity must be supplied to the site (extension cord).

The bar sections will be packed on a 4' x 8' palette and shrink-wrapped for protection during shipping. The bar installation should be a snap because full Imitation Bamboo = Bamfauxinstructions will be supplied. The loose pieces fit together rather simply and almost anyone who can read instructions and handle power tools (for example a drill) can put the bar together easily. We suggest at least two experienced people who have power tool ability to assemble this bar.

If you don't want to do it yourself, we will unpack, assemble and install your pre-paid bar within the North-Eastern quadrant of Florida at an additional charge. If you're interested, please notify us when you place your order. Once the item has been built, a time and day will be arranged with you taking into account the convenience of both parties.

We prefer PayPal - because it is convenient and quick. Here you may pay with your Credit Card (whether or not you are a member) or directly from your bank account if you are a member. If you prefer to pay by check, it needs bank clearance before pick-up or delivery (around 10 days) of your bar. We also have Alert Pay and e-Gold accounts if you prefer. Please send email for further instructions about any of these payment options. Cash is acceptable at the time of your order and will speed up the process only insofar as not having to wait for the bank to clear your check. On receipt of your order and, if necessary, clearance from our bank, your bar will enter the construction zone. You will beRecipe Book for Martinis. notified as soon as your bar is ready for delivery / shipping via the email you have given us.

Pickup or Delivery:
Once your check has cleared (if this applies) and your bar has been built and is ready for pickup or delivery, we will email you at the given email address. Generally we expect you to fulfill your end of the contract and pick up your bar or arrange for shipping within 10 (ten) days after you have been notified that your bar is ready.


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