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JoeJude Enterprises specializes in Rustic Bars and Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo) Our solid wood Mountain and Executive Bars are both handmade, as are the Thatch Umbrellas, Bar Stools, Tiki Huts and Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo).
Plus, we gladly custom design, build and color to your specifications.

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Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo
Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo
Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo
Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo

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Just look at that!

Rows and rows of shade.


The Traditional Tiki Company.

Your One-Stop Tiki Shop for custom Tiki Huts and repairs.

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Writer's Aid
For the aspiring author who needs a push, some helpful tips, a break (where a short story might spur the imagination) or some resource and publishing information.

Books and more books. All about fantasies that were born from the imagination of the authors.

It must feel good to be able to share that.

Sherlock Homes
Inspection Group

Residential and Commercial Mold,
Home Inspection and Allergy Inspection.

Mold Assessors with NO Mitigation Ties!
Call Douw Smit at
and tell him you found his name on JoeJude's site.

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Excellent signage for your game room or bar...

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Arts & Humanities Authors Writers And More. If you believe you are a writer-wannabe, author-wannabe, or soon will be a writer and/or author, or you already are an aspiring author, please visit the Writer's Aid for info, resources, links and more.
Business & Industry Finance Home Equity Loan. Before you apply for a home equity loan or look into home equity loans, make sure to visit us first. We will customize your finances to meet your needs.
  Opportunities Make Money course FREE. Would you like to make money?
  Real Estate Cyprus Investment Property. Cyprus investment properties, and Cyprus property investments news and resources. Also contains information about properties to buy in Cyprus and investment property in Cyprus.
Decor Signage Beer, Bar & Saloon. Excellent signage for your game room or bar.
Home Improvement Home & Garden The Traditional Tiki Company. Traditionally, the home of Tiki Huts for the repair, design and manufacture of Tiki structures in Florida, USA.
  Outdoors JoeJude Enterprises. For that Rustic ambiance outdoors or next to your pool or on your patio - add a solid wood Rustic Bar, Thatch Umbrella and/or Tiki Bar with matching wooden Bar Stools - then, for further enhancement of your Island theme add a few lengths of Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo).
    Long Lasting Patio Furniture Covers offers the best patio furniture covers on the market at a discounted price.
Interior Design Styles Interior Design Styles Everything you need to know about Interior Design. Redecorating your home made easy.
Marketing Classified Ads Classified Ads List for advertising on the Internet.
Society Schools Interior Design Schools. Everything you need to know about Interior Design. Redecorating your home made easy.
  Personal Direct Buy Enjoy the home of your dreams and get wholesale pricing on thousands of brand-name items for your home.


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from VideoJug called How To Get Served Quickly At A Bar

Another good video to watch is this one. Actually it's an ad for Captain Morgan. Enjoy.
"Good Combination"

The local pub were everyone can help you get away from the wife.

Mike Dooley, as featured in "The Secret," explaining the inviolate principle that gives us dominion over all things.


How to open a bottle of Champagne with a Sword.

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