Mountain Bar
= 8-sided Rustic finish for a cozy African theme Ambiance.

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Tiki Roof

Thatch Roof

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Mountain Bar = $4,250.00
with a Tiki Roof it's only

Unfortunately Sabal Palm Leaves do not travel well so ...
1) Tiki Roofs are available only in Florida, and
2) they must be installed by JoeJude Enterprises.

In addition to your purchase of a Mountain Bar, for a limited time, we can offer you our Bar Stool Special = Buy 1 Bar, get 4 Bar Stools FREE.

The solid wood Mountain Bar is hand crafted from pressure-treated pine, sanded and varnished. Cunningly fashioned together with care and love, our octagonal (8-sided) Rustic Bars are made in America.

This octagonal (eight-sided) Rustic Bar stands on roughly a circle of 6ft from side to side.
Overhead is an 9ft Umbrella covered in African Thatch (or a Sabal Palm Tiki Roof), high enough to shelter the tall members in your family or low enough to be cozy - Your choice!

It is fabulous outdoors, next to the pool where friends or friends-to-be can gather, after strenuous swimming or play with children and/or guests. Make an evening out of it and gather round for companionship and a drink.

Inside this Bar, the fan gives off a soft, cool, breeze in the still summer air while the light allows the server to pour drinks to the specific requirements of his/her 'guests'. Guests, friends, family and neighbors gather around the server to enjoy a lively chat, a moral boost of friendship, and luxuriate in the splendor of handcrafted finesse.

While the server blends, stirs, shakes and concocts masterpieces to enliven the palate of his/her 'guests', he/she can enjoy the ease of wood craftsmanship. With glasses at the fingertips, hanging just above the server's head, a serving table waist-high and a countertop for serving the most discerning 'guest', the server feels comfortable and in charge. His/Her blender, bottles, and paraphernalia hide inconspicuously beneath the countertop, keeping the area neat and pleasant so that talk, companionship and friends, can be the center of attraction along with 'guests'.

This octagonal bar has a footprint of 6' (72 inches). Dimension across bar top is 7' (84 inches). Roof diameter is 11' (132 inches). Roof height is 9'6" (114 inches). The completed bar weighs approximately 1,500 pounds.

Shipping is at Purchaser's cost. We pack your bar onto a 4'x8' pallet. Purchaser may choose a Shipper/Carrier, or defer the choice to JoeJude Enterprises.

Because the bar is fitted with rope lights and a GFI outlet with a 6' (72") cord, electricity must be supplied to the site (?extension cord?) or, preferably, consult an electrician.

The bar sections will be packed on a 4' x 8' pallet and shrink-wrapped for protection during shipping. The bar installation should be a snap because full instructions will be supplied. The loose pieces fit together rather simply and almost anyone who can read instructions and handle power tools (for example a drill) can put the bar together. We suggest at least two experienced people who have power tool ability to assemble this bar.

If you don't want to do it yourself, we will unpack, assemble and install your pre-paid bar within Florida at an additional charge. If you're interested, please notify us when you place your order. Once the item has been built, a time and day will be arranged with you taking into account the convenience of both parties.

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards (with logo) and eChecks. Once payment has been received, your Bar will enter the construction zone.

Pickup or Delivery:
Once your bar is ready for pickup or delivery, we will email you at the given email address. Generally we expect you to fulfill your end of the contract and pick up your bar or arrange for shipping within 10 (ten) days after you have been notified that your bar is ready.


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