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Thatch Umbrellas

Umbrellas come in all number of sizes and materials. We have chosen the reed thatch due to its versatility and durability. It's not just grass; the thatch on our umbrellas has long-lasting properties. This specific reed thatch is 99% waterproof and all of our umbrellas come with the optional addition of fire retardant.

The grass making up the thatch for our umbrellas is not the usual veld grass. It's reed grass imported from Africa because of its special qualities.

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7 1/2' Thatch Umbrella (wood or steel post) = $750.00

9' Thatch Umbrella (wood or steel post) = $845.00

11' Thatch Umbrella (wood or steel post) = $1,315.00

12' Thatch Umbrella (with 4 wood posts) - not always available = *$1,875.00*

12' Thatch Umbrella (with 6 wood posts) = $2,265.00

16' Thatch Umbrella (with 8 woods posts) = $3,775.00

Steel Base Plate
(2" or 2-1/2"dia. pole)
approximately *$72.00*

*Please call for pricing.

is available on request. Please email or call for prices and times. Contact information is at the bottom of this page. We'll gladly take care of you.

Here's how it works:

Each thatch umbrella is made up on panels. The reed / grass is grouped together, special glue is applied on top, and this is then made into easy-to-assemble panels. Each panel is locked into position over the metal frame / cone that finally forms the complete picture, the thatch umbrella as you see in the pictures.

On the very top of each umbrella is a large cone that fits over the apex of the umbrella. This thatch cone forms the uppermost part of the umbrella, preventing water from seeping through, forcing the rainwater along the outer edge of the reed / grass, along the thatch panels, down over the outside of the umbrella to drip away from the interior. The grass / reed is thick enough to prevent seepage. This is an added anti-leakage property of our umbrellas, hence the 99% waterproof property of our thatch umbrellas.

Thatch umbrellas are much cooler than canvas umbrellas. Giving dense shade, the thatch umbrella allows almost no sun through. It's also better than tree shade because it has no winter leaf debris.
Our thatch umbrellas will last between 5 and 10 years depending on the climate. The grass / reed thatch is cured and will not age. It does change color in the sun and sometimes becomes darker. This is normal for any and all grass / reed / thatch umbrellas that greet the sun on a daily basis.

The metal cone, under the grass of the umbrella, is what the thatch panels attach to. This is powder coated, or galvanized and painted, to withstand rust and age. This metal cone fortifies the grass thatch and it is what gives our umbrellas a little more stability and rigidity. So much so that we can confidently say our thatch umbrellas are wind resistant up to 110 miles per hour (untested). On the whole our thatch umbrellas live up nicely to gusts of wind.

The 7 1/2' and the 9' thatch umbrellas can be installed on a base plate or directly in the ground. The installer must ensure that the umbrella is sturdy and stable. It might be preferable to follow the example of the larger umbrellas. The 11' thatch umbrellas must be concreted into the ground on one pole, while the 12' thatch umbrella will require 6 poles and the 16' thatch umbrellas require 8 poles, all concreted into the ground.


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Shipping is available at Purchaser's cost. FREE delivery will be made in the Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville area, within 100 miles from Palatka (which lies almost half-way between Gainesville and Jacksonville) if we install the umbrella/s. As a cost-saver for out of state buyers, we will deliver the Thatch Umbrella/s to the purchaser's freight depot in the Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville area.

The 7 1/2' and the 9' thatch umbrellas can be installed on a base plate. The installer must ensure that the umbrella is sturdy. It might be preferable to follow the example of the larger umbrellas. The 11' thatch umbrellas must be concreted into the ground on one pole, while the 12 1/2' thatch umbrellas will require 4 poles and the 16' thatch umbrellas require 6 poles / uprights, all concreted into the ground.

We prefer PayPal - simply because it is convenient and quick. Credit Cards are also accepted. Checks need to clear before pick-up or delivery (can take as long as 10 days). Plus, we have Alert Pay and e-Gold accounts. Please send email or call for payment instructions.
Cash is acceptable and will speed up the process only insofar as not having to wait for a bank to clear your check. All payments must be made in advance, in full, before your item enters the construction zone.

Pickup or Delivery:
Once your ordered item has been built, your check has cleared and your item is ready for pickup or delivery, we will email you at the given email address. Generally we expect you to fulfill your end of the contract and pick up your order or arrange for delivery within 10 (ten) days after you have been notified that it is ready.


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