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A Martini Glass for Party Time with your Rustic Bars

JoeJude Enterprises

Our unique selection of Hand-made,
solid wood, crafted and customized items, consist of
Rustic Bars,
Octagonal Bars,
Tiki Huts,
Thatch Umbrellas and
Bar Stools.

We are also the SOLE manufacturers of Bamfaux
(Synthetic / Artificial / Imitation Bamboo).

African Thatch Reed adorns the roofs of our Rustic Bars.
You may also choose Shingles or Tiki Sabal Palm leaves.

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 Executive Rustic Bar - rectangular with Shingle roof.

 Octagonal Rustic Bar - 8-sided with either Tiki or Thatch roofs.

 Tiki Huts - various structures with Sabal Palm leaves.

 Thatch Umbrellas - with either single, double or quadruple uprights, and Thatch Reed roofs.

 Wooden Bar Stools - made from solid pressure-treated pine.

 Custom structures - Designs custom made for specific purposes plus a few new ideas.

 Bamfaux - Artificial, Synthetic or Imitation Bamboo, made from PVC pipe

 Bar accessories and Themed items

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Signs for your Tropical Paradise

Mix and match to suit until you have the perfect combination for that Caribbean Island or Tropical feel. Especially constructed from solid wood and created for the outdoors, our Rustic Bars and Wooden Bar Stools will liven up your back yard and create a central point for your party. Light the upright candles. Highlight the trees. Add some ambiance, a fish net, anchor and/or life preserver and you have the perfect setting.

perfect Glassware for the Rustic Bars

All our Bars and Umbrellas are especially constructed for the outdoors, from solid wood, from pressure-treated pine, and are modular / sectional. Once dismantled the Bar sections are easier to transport which makes our Bars especially easy (maybe perfect is the right word), for the person who often changes their mind.

Examine the pictures.

Read the rest of the page, then choose another page.

Everything you need to know is on this site (I hope) and what you still want to learn more about is simply a matter of emailing either or .

Our contact information is on the bottom of every page. We'll gladly take care of you.

Why Buy a Bar?...Because...It's Your Life. Why Not Enjoy It?

bullet Picture this in your mind. You have a beautiful back yard, maybe even a swimming pool. Summer is here. Itís time for outdoor fun. Family and friends come around. You want to entertain them?
bullet What better way than to have them gather around a beautiful Bar with a Thatch roof. You can chat and laugh and enjoy each otherís company. Breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors. Have your favorite drink at hand without traipsing back and forth into the house and out again.
bullet The bars we show you can also be personalized. Each bar can be custom made or bought as is. Youíll be the envy of the neighborhood either way. Then you can show off your bartending skills to either a sincere or taunting audience, depending on your skill or lack of it.  Smile, it's JoeJude Enterprises and Bamfaux
bullet A dip in the swimming pool, then you can dry off in the shade of the Thatch roof of your bar. A nice tall glass of iced tea or alcohol or juice, whatever your preference might be, you are surrounded by those you love. Could life get any better than this?
bullet It's better than TV. It's way better than computer games or Nintendo. It's life. It's your time to enjoy all that you have accomplished and to share it with those closest to you - your family and friends. It's time to solidify familial bonds as well as friendships.
bullet Maybe youíd prefer more intimate company? That, too, is possible. The serving area within our octagonal bar is large enough for two and the thatch roof is low enough to afford you a feeling of privacy. You can even turn the light and/or fan off and allow the moonlight to be your guide. Your imagination is your only limit.
bullet Our bars will help create an Island or a Tropical ambiance. Add a fish net, lanterns, and maybe an anchor or damaged lifesaverís jacket. This could easily become the focal point for quiet conversation or a place to have a raucous party.
bullet To be the talk of the town you must have something your neighbors do not. An outdoor bar is a rare commodity. Invest in a home bar from JoeJude Enterprises.


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